Q: What is GITA?
A: GITA is an activity oriented Gay Italian American social club. It’s purpose is to bring like-minded people together to have fun.

Q: What does the word GITA mean?
A: GITA, pronounced GEEE tah, is an Italian word that means trip, excursion or outing.

Q: Why would I possibly need a Gay Italian American social club?
A: You might be gay and have been raised in an Italian American culture and find that you have a certain affinity for others with a similar background. You might be new to South Florida and find it difficult to meet others who’ve been through the same things that you’ve been through. You might have grown up speaking Italian and would welcome meeting others who you would talk to. You might like Italians and/or Italian culture and want to pursue those interests. You might want to learn more about Italy and travel there with people you already know. Maybe you’d like to meet some friends to attend the opera. Or maybe you just not have anything else to do.


Q: What does “activity oriented” mean?
A: It means that GITA is going to provide numerous activities so that members can meet each others by doing the things they enjoy. Use your imagination.

Q: Who decides which activities take place?
A: Any member can promote any activity he likes or contact another member who shares the same interests.

Q: How will I know which members share the same interests as I?
A: When you become a member you will be able to access the profiles of other members. If you want to get in touch with that member you can email them through GITA.

Q: Will GITA be sponsoring activities?
A: Indeed. We have members who have already volunteered to spearhead certain events that appeal to them. For instance GITA will be coordinating Italian tours, bicycle rides, trips to baseball and football games, bridge classes and games, tennis afternoons, bowling parties, movie and theatre sojourns, beach excursions, golf outings, dances, etc. There’s got to be something for everybody.


Q: What if I don’t speak Italian and don’t want to speak Italian?
A: Speaking Italian isn’t necessary. If you’d like you can learn to speak Italian by joining our Italian language classes.

Q: Will these language classes be for beginners?
A: Actually we have classes for beginners as well as more advanced students. Classes meet on a regular basis and are being coordinated by Mario Petri, who can be reached at [email protected] or at 954-537-9557

Q: What if I’m not gay or Italian American? Can I still join? Will I be ridiculed and made to feel like a second class member?

A: Anyone NOT gay or Italian American is probably already used to feeling a little disadvantaged. But don’t let that bother you. You are still encouraged to become a member. Although the majority of our members ARE Italian Americans the only requirement for membership is an interest in Italian culture.


Q: When and where did GITA begin?
A: GITA had its first social event on the second Monday in May, 2003, at the Italian American Civic League in Wilton Manors when over 90 people turned out. For the second event GITA moved across the street to the Simply Delish restaurant where more than 85 showed up for a delicious buffet. In July we moved on to the larger new Vico’s Restaurant in downtown Fort Lauderdale where over 100 people were present for a great dinner in a beautiful new restaurant. We now have over 200 members and most have learned of us through word of mouth.

Q: Who was the brilliant person who dreamed up such an exciting new group?
A: We’ve determined that it was mostly Chuck Murabito who was responsible.

Q: Wow! How did it happen? Did Chuck have a “vision” or experience some kind of divine inspiration?
A: Actually, he had been studying Italian by himself for more than three years using audio tapes (Pimsleur) and felt that getting more Italian Americans together would help him with his language program. So with the help of some friends they spread the word and GITA was born.


Q: Will there be regular meetings?
A: No. Only regular social events on the second Monday of the month and then some irregular social events. For instance, we’re looking forward to a big picnic at Birch State Park in the fall.

Q: Will there be hazing and some really neat ritualistic initiation ceremony? Maybe something involving candles and blood?
A: Sorry, no plans for that sort of thing yet.

Q: Will there be some kind of secret GITA handshake or greeting?
A: No. Nothing official.

Q: Will I receive a fancy membership card that I can carry in my wallet?
A: Actually, we’re working on a card that will entitle you to receive discounts at some exclusive locations. Stay tuned.


Q: This sounds like an expensive operation. Just how much is this going to cost me? What are the dues?
A: There are no dues. Membership is free.

Q: That’s ridiculous! I feel like I should be paying something for all this fun.
A: Yes, it seems too good to be true, but it is! No dues. No membership fees.

Q: Are there any age or gender restrictions?
A: No.

Q: Who’s responsible for this website?
A: The website is maintained and hosted by Graphic Web Design, Inc..

Q: Would they be able to help me if I wanted to have my own website?
A: Yes. I’m sure they’d be delighted. You can contact them at: [email protected] or at: (828) 246-0948.

Q: How come there are no meetings? Isn’t that unusual?
A: When GITA began it was organized just like any other group. We had meetings and were about to have officers and all the other accouterments of your basic club. It then became apparent that the size and geographic sprawl of our community was going to make that tedious. And some of us are impatient and don’t have a lot of time to coordinate meetings. In addition, we now have the internet. The internet can keep us in touch more efficiently than was ever possible before. The vision of the group and how it would function has changed repeatedly since the first inspiration and first social event. And it’s still evolving.