About Us

GITA is a gay Italian American social group. The purpose of the group is to promote Italian Culture in all of its forms. Our group is open to anyone who wants to participate in our activities. To become a member of GITA you need not be gay, Italian, American, or anything else. There are no rules and there are no fees or dues. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for like-minded people to interact with each other to have fun. GITA is activity oriented. Lots of activities.

GITA is internet based. Most of our activities will be coordinated through our website, GayGita.com. A Member is anyone who has completed the membership survey or attended one of the events. If you completed a survey your profile already exists on the website. Existing members have been provided with a temporary user name and password which they may use to access and update their profiles. New members are asked to complete the survey in order to be listed on the website. Your profile will be visible to others along with your user name. If others want to contact you they must do so through GayGita.com. Only your user name will be available on the website. Your real name and email address will NOT be available to others. Your privacy is secure.

As GITA continues to grow on an international level you will have access to members around the world. Welcome.

To enter our website and access all of the activities we ask that you complete the survey and tell us your interests so that we can tailor our activities to the interests of the members. All information will be kept in complete confidence. You will receive communications only from GITA. If someone wants to contact you they must do it through GITA unless you choose otherwise.