Welcome to the Gita Website. 

This is our new site and we hope you enjoy it. 

Gita was founded in May 2003 in Fort Lauderdale as a gathering point for Gay Italian Americans.  Gita's activities, however,  have never been restricted to anyone.  You need not be gay, Italian American or anything else to participate.  All are encouraged to join our activities.

We have a number of regular activities and remain open to any suggestions for new activities that anyone cares to offer.  We're always looking for new things to do.

We send out a monthly newsletter updating our activities and if you're not on our email list you should let us know.  Our main event is a monthly dinner meeting at Primavera Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale which is always held on the second Monday of the month.  Photos from all of our previous dinners are available on the website.

We hope you like the new website and hope you can join us for some of our activities.  Suggestions are always appreciated.

Viva Italia!