November 3, 2007

Greetings from GITA.

As we head into November we’re delighted to report a quiet
hurricane season thus far. The lack of storms has been a pleasant treat
for us and for South Florida. We’ll take a deep breath and try to get
through the rest of this prolonged season.

Along with November comes the return of many of our GITA
members who summer elsewhere. Welcome back. Our monthly GITA Dinner
Meetings have been extremely well attended all summer and we’ve already
seen what an affect these returning members are having on our monthly
attendance. This month we reached our capacity so quickly that we decided
we’d try adding another dinner to accommodate all of the people who want
to attend. Therefore, in November we’ll be having dinners on the second
and fourth Mondays: the 12th and 26th. We hope you’ll attend either one or
both. The dinner on the 12 is sold out but there is still room on the

The photos on the GITA website have been rearranged by year
which makes them easier to view. I was looking at the 2003 pictures which
track our progress from our very first evening at The Italian American
Civic League to Simply Delish and then to Vico’s Downtown Restaurant. Wow,
what a long time ago that was. And I’m so pleased to see how many of you
have been such enthusiastic supporters from the very beginning. You’ve all
been great.

Last month’s dinner was well attended by a jolly and friendly
group. The food was particularly delicious. Special thanks to James
Basmajian from Precision Printwear and Giacomo from Primavera for their
generous gift certificates. The audience was most appreciative of these
gifts as well as the smart GITA fashion that we typically give away during
our drawings.

Incidentally, we’re pleased to note that many of you are
choosing to make a bold fashion statement of your own by wearing your GITA
attire to the dinners. Very smart, indeed !

We had a few problems recently with the GayGita Website.
Specifically, the Photo Gallery had been out of commission but it’s up and
running now. When you visit the website you should refresh your browser on
the home page and then you shouldn’t have any problems. All of the
pictures from the past five years are there.

On the political front there has been recent talk about
dynasties in the White House. In the not too distant past there were the
Roosevelt’s and Kennedy’s. And here’s a statistic that might give you an
idea of how “out of step” you are and how dated is your perception of
reality. According to Nancy Benac of the Associated Press, 118 million
Americans – nearly 40 percent of the nation “have never lived when there
wasn’t a Bush or a Clinton in the White House.” How comfortable does that
make you feel?

NOVEMBER 12, 2007 and Birthday Celebration for Juan Carlos

This month’s GITA Dinners will be on the second and fourth
Mondays of the month, the 12th and 26th of November at Primavera at 7 PM.
Primavera is located at 830 E. Oakland Park Boulevard just east of KMart.
Cost is $20 payable at the door.

The November 12 dinner is sold out. Space is still available
for the dinner on the 26th.

And yes, Juan, my adorable partner of 20 years, will be
celebrating his 50th birthday on the 12th. He’d be embarrassed that I told
you how old he is so please don’t mention it to him.

The Menu for November 12


Bruschetta al Pomodoro
with Cash Bar (Beer and Wine)

Primo Piatto

Insalata Della Casa
(Special House Salad)
Romaine Hearts & more with our lemon vinaigrette
and crumbled Gorgonzola

Secondi Piatti

Fettuccine with Conch “Bolognese” & Scallops
Fettuccine noodles in a cream and parmesan cheese sauce
Topped with sauteed jumbo shrimps

Pork Tenderloin Wellington Style
Pan seared, wrapped with a mushroom & spinach mousse
Wrapped in puffed pastry, sliced and served with a toasted spinach glace

Sole & Shrimps Rollatino
Boneless sole fish fillet, wrapped around a shrimp & basil, broiled
With a lime, Chardonnay and butter sauce

Veal Cordon Bleu, with Prosciutto & Asiago
Boneless veal pounded filled with Italian Asiago Cheese & Prosciutto.
Lightly breaded, served with a Cabernet & sun dried tomato sauce

Entrees served with a side of vegetables of the
day and Spaghettini with Tomato sauce.

Chef’s Dessert Surprise


We are now accepting reservations for parties of ANY SIZE up to
tables of 12. When you make a reservation, please give me the names (both
first and last) of those in your party. ALL seats will be reserved. That’s
right. Everyone gets a reserved seat. Wow!!!


GITA is cooperating in an Italian 7 Day Eastern Caribbean
Cruise hosted by GITA member Salvo Mule and endorsed by a number of
Italian American organizations aboard the Italian Cruise Ship Costa
Fortuna. This cruise will take place on February 10 through 17, 2008. The
theme of the cruise is the Italian Culture, featuring free Italian
Language classes each day. There will also be presentations of Italian
Opera and Italian Film Classics.

Prices are very reasonable starting at $529 for an inside
stateroom and $629 for an ocean view. Let us know if you need a
cabin-mate. For more information go to or call Salvo
at 954-566-1015 Ext. 208.


After dithering for months the state legislature has finally
passed a new property tax bill for which they should be disgusted with
themselves. The bill offers little, if any, relief for the huge inequities
of the current system. It’s great for those of us with Homesteaded
properties which we purchased before the boom. We currently pay
comparatively low taxes and are now going to get an additional $25,000
homestead exemption along with the wonderful feature of portability. We’ll
be able to sell our properties and buy something new and take our low
property tax rate with us. Everyone else gets the shaft. First time home
buyers and snowbirds will continue to unfairly shoulder the brunt of the
tax burden.

As a realtor I’m happy about the portability feature and expect
it will generate some much-needed real estate activity. All those
homesteaded people who have felt trapped in their homes because of the
huge “tax hit” they would face if they sold their homes and bought
something new can take advantage of some of the great “buys” now available
in the real estate market. One can only hope.

GITA Holiday Party December 17, 2007 at
Al and Tom’s:

Two of our members, Al Natali and Tom Moore, have again invited
us to their home in Coconut Creek for a December 17 GITA Holiday Party.
This will be a Pot luck affair so all are encouraged to bring a covered
dish. To coordinate food, you should contact Al and Tom at 954-570-5906 or
[email protected] Each year Al and Tom decorate their home with over
150,000 lights and 25 Christmas Trees. It is a lavish display. Not to be

Date: Monday, December 17, 2007
Time: 6-9 PM
Donation: $5.00 and a covered dish
Beverages: GITA will provide beer, wine, soft drinks, cocktails, etc.

I 95 to Copans Rd. or Sample Rd., west to Lyons Rd., right (north) on
Lyons Rd. to Winston Park Blvd. Winston Park Blvd. is the next traffic
light after Wiles Rd. Right on Winston Park Blvd. After you pass the
school on the right you can park on the swale of Winston Park Blvd. A
short walk down NW 54th Ct. to #5450 on the right at 38th Terrace will
bring you to their home. It’s at the end of the street on the right. Their
address is 5450 NW 38th Terrace, Coconut Creek. Handicapped parking is
available in their driveway. Do NOT park in front of house. Call if you
get lost. 954-570-5906 or call me at 954-629-5525

You can go to and type in their address and be
provided with a lovely map and directions.


Mario has gotten our Italian Language Classes going again. They
will be running a beginner group as well as a more advanced group. Manuel,
from Firenze, will be conducting the classes as well as being available
for individual lessons. If you’re interested in learning the language you
ought to take advantage of this great opportunity. For more information
contact Mario at [email protected]


The Opera Group meets monthly at the GLCC to view operas. To
get more information and to get your name on their email list you need to
get in touch with Dominic Bisignano at [email protected]


In addition to doing a wonderful job running the Bridge Group
these past few years, Ron Webb is also responsible for staging the very
successful Tuesday’s Angels Fall Charity Golf Tournament which takes place
this weekend. We’re expecting that Bridge will likely resume after Ron has
had a chance to recover from the tournament. The bridge group plays a
pleasant and instructive duplicate bridge game on alternate Mondays. Mike
Donnelly provides professional instruction and runs the game. Games will
be starting shortly so if you’d like to join the fun or get more
information contact Ron Webb at [email protected]


Mah Jongg anyone? this ancient game from China combines skill
and luck and is played with tiles. If you like cards or board games and a
challenge, you will probably enjoy it. Beginners welcome. Contact Keith at

Book Beat

What’s new on the literary front?

Dick Francis has always been one of my favorite writers. He is
famous for writing taut mysteries usually involving horses and the
steeplechasing world. (He was, in fact, the steeplechase jockey for
Elizabeth the Queen and started writing after he stopped riding.) From the
very beginning in the 1970’s I read all of his books as soon as they came
out. I’ve reread many of the earlier books and still found them
satisfying. The fact that I like horses may have something to do with it,
but not necessarily. He’s a good writer. When I was the owner of the Grand
Central Cafe in Fort Lauderdale in the 1980’s one of my happiest times was
when Dick Francis came to lunch at the restaurant. He was accompanied by
his agent and I was giddy with excitement. It would be a little
presumptuous to suggest that that culinary experience was what prompted
him to write his newest book, but you never know. The new book, “Dead
Heat,” has less to do with horses and more to do with food and the
restaurant business. He wrote this one with his son Felix. His wife Mary,
who passed away a few years ago, is generally credited with editing his
books and making them as good as they are. Indeed, his first book
following her death was one of his weakest. This one is exciting and

Richard Russo’s latest entry onto the best seller lists,
following his Pulitzer Prize winning “Empire Falls”, is “Bridge of Sighs.”
This book magically captures the life and rhythms of growing up in a small
town in upstate New York. I felt as if I were a child back in my old
neighborhood reliving the fears and adventures of early childhood and
adolescence. The characters are beautifully rendered and entirely
believable. Although not stereotypes you know that growing up you’ve met
them all before. This is my first Richard Russo book but certainly not my
last. He’s a wonderful writer.

Just read “The Kalahari Typing School for Men: More from the
No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency”, another of Alexander McCall Smith’s books
about Precious Ramotswe’s life and adventures as the proprietor of the No.
1 Ladies’ Detective Agency in Botswana. If you’re looking for an easy read
you can’t do better than to dive into one of these books and enjoy the
company and easy humor of these wonderful characters and their pragmatic
approach to life.


Many thanks to Charlie Caldwell who has been our photographer
for the past few months. He succeeds our beloved and multi-talented Rick
Sherman who did the snapping for many years until multiple business
obligations forced him into semi-photographic-retirement.

Pictures from all previous dinners since 2003 can be found on
the website. From the home page select “Photo Gallery” then
select GITA-Dinners. The site is best accessed using Internet Explorer or
Mozilla Firefox. If you’d like prints, suitable for framing, of any of the
photos on the website, just let me know.


Chef Giacomo, from Primavera, offers cooking classes when he
feels like it. His classes are instructive and entertaining and delicious.
Stay tuned.


We are adding member’s business cards to our website. If you’d
like us to add your card you need to either send me a card or email me a
scan of your card. The more the merrier.


Each month at our dinners we have a raffle and give away modest
prizes. There is no charge to participate in the raffle. Again this month
we will be accepting modest raffle gifts from interested members who
choose to promote their business in this most entertaining way. Thanks to
all of our donors.

Thanks for yur continued support. Hope to see you on the 12th and/or the

Chuck Murabito

Real Estate and Title Insurance
both Residential and Commercial


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