May 3, 2010

Greetings from GITA

We had a very busy weekend at the restaurant. Lots of friends came by to
say hello and join us for dinner. It’s fun to work at a restaurant
that’s been around for 25 years. People come in after an absence of 5,
10, 15, or 20 years. They all have stories to tell.

This past Saturday evening as a party of six was leaving the restaurant
one of the women in the party picked up one of my cards on her way out.
She recognized the name Murabito and asked me if I was from Long Island.
I told her “no” that I was from Oswego. Her eyes lit up and a smile
spread across her face. She said she had gone to college in Oswego and
had graduated in 1954. I told her I grew up there and had graduated
myself in 1964. I told her that as a kid we lived in my family’s student
boarding house across the street from the college. We had around 18 male
college students living in the two floors above us. She said, “ah, yes,
The Murabito House. That’s where I remember the name from.” She told me
she had friends who lived with us during her college days. We had a
pleasant chat and it was reassuring to once again see those six degrees
of separation still holding true.

Last month’s dinner was a big success and everyone reported having a
good time. Special thanks to Normand Leclair, former owner of the Red
Rooster Tavern in North Kingstown, RI, who donated a copy of his
delicious looking cookbook, Culinary Expressions, for our raffle.

We thank you all for your good wishes and continued support and hope to
see you very soon.

GITA DINNER MEETING on Monday, May 10, 2010

Our next dinner meeting will be on Monday, the 10th of May at 7 PM at
Primavera. Primavera is located at 830 E. Oakland Park Boulevard just
west of Dixie and east of KMart. Cost is $20 payable at the door. There
is currently space available for this dinner. We’re now featuring
“Singles” tables for those who’d like to meet new people. Hope to see
you there.


We are now accepting reservations for parties of ANY SIZE up to tables
of 12. When you make a reservation, please give me the names (both first
and last) of those in your party. ALL seats will be reserved. When you
make a reservation by email I ALWAYS respond. If you don’t get a
response I probably didn’t get your email.


We’re happy to announce that the restaurant has been very busy lately.
Our upcoming Mother’s Day Special Menu is posted on the Primavera

Don’t forget we’re right across the street from The Rising Action
Theatre. Their current production is The Sum of Us, which runs through
May 30. Dinner at Primavera and then the theatre turns out to be a very
nice evening. For ticket info call 943-815-8826 or visit Rising Action
Theatre. The show runs Thursday through Sunday.


The Opera Group meets frequently to view operas: Some live and others on
film. Having outgrown their previous venue The Opera Group now meets at
the Pride Center at Equality Park This new location is larger than the
previous venue. To get more information and to get your name on their
email list you need to get in touch with Dominic Bisignano at [email protected]


The Ballet Group meets on the 2nd (second) Sunday of the month and the
Opera Group meets on the 4th (fourth) Sunday of the month. The Ballet
Group also meets at the Pride Center at Equality Park.


Quick Tricks Duplicate Bridge Club continues to meet on Tuesday evenings
at 6:30 at the Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club located in Holiday Park at
700 NE 6th Terrace in Fort Lauderdale. Mike Donnelly continues to direct
these sessions. All games are now charity games. Triple masterpoints are
awarded and a portion of the entry fee for all games is donated to
Tuesday’s Angels. All games are sanctioned by the American Contract
Bridge League and the entry fee remains $6.00. Come out and enjoy
bridge, earn triple points and support Tuesday’s Angels all at the same


The GITA Italian language class (Classe Italiano) continues to offer
weekly sessions in the joy of learning to speak Italian. The classes are
free to all. In lieu of charging a fee, and because the coordination and
teaching is performed by volunteers, the students are invited to make a
donation to Tuesdays Angels. The Italian Language Classes generally meet
on Wednesdays. John Ritter is doing the teaching. If you’re interested
in attending please contact Bobby Caruso at [email protected]


Mah Jongg anyone? this ancient game from China combines skill and luck
and is played with tiles. If you like cards or board games and a
challenge, you will probably enjoy it. Beginners welcome. Contact Keith
at 954-446-5666.


An interesting development in the real estate world these days is the
effect that the foreclosures are having on the market. Banks are pricing
their properties extremely low in what some believe to be an attempt to
secure multiple offers and then create bidding wars. One case in point
is a three bedroom apartment on the Intracoastal for which the owner had
paid $730K in 2007. The bank foreclosed and subsequently put the same
property on the market for $389K. If you had a similar apartment for
sale in the same building you’d be pretty unhappy at this unbelievably
low price. Buyers, of course, are delighted. Given the choice I
recommend you become a buyer.


Firewall a very entertaining Kurt Wallander story by Henning Mankell.
Well crafted and most enjoyable.

Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow was published in 1987 and only just
recently released as an audio book. Having read it in 1987 I was able to
enjoy it anew on audio. I assume the recent release was to capitalize on
the release this month of a new Scott Turow book, The Burden of Proof,
which is advertised as a sequel to Presumed Innocent. Presumed Innocent
was excellent.

While still in a Scott Turow mood I decided to read Ordinary Heroes: A
Novel which was a pretty good WWII love story. One of the main
characters was called GITA. How’s that for a surprising coincidence?

The Executor was written by Jesse Kellerman, son of Faye and Jonathan.
It’s the not very interesting story of Joseph Geist, a perpetual Harvard
post grad, who’s life becomes very complicated when he answers an ad for
a conversationalist.

Have you read any good books lately?


Pictures from all previous dinners since 2003 can be found on the GITA
website. From the home page select “Photo Gallery” then select GITA-Dinners.
If you’d like prints, suitable for framing, of any of the photos on the
website just let me know.


Chef Giacomo presents cooking classes frequently.

To make reservations call Primavera at 954-564-6363. Remember you need
to tell them that you are a Gita member to get the $10 discount. Giacomo
is a most amusing and entertaining teacher and really knows his stuff.
Class is delicious.


We are hoping to add more member’s business cards to our website. If
you’d like us to add your card you need to either send me a card or
email me a scan of your card. The more the merrier.


Each month at our dinners we have a raffle and give away modest prizes.
There is no charge to participate in the raffle. Again this month we
will be accepting modest raffle gifts from interested members who choose
to promote their business in this most entertaining way. Thanks to David
Malatesta and his Italian Cleaning Service and Normand Leclair for
bringing donations to last month’s dinner.

Thanks for your continued support. Hope to see you on the 10th.

Chuck Murabito

Primavera Restaurant
Real Estate and Title Insurance
both Residential and Commercial


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